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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photos of Lauren at 20

So that our readers have a visual of whom they’re reading about (and maybe for whom they’re praying?. . . I can only hope), I looked through all the snapshots I took of Lauren over the past year. I’d hoped to post a good one that would represent her at 20 years old (or close enough). Well, I have not a single flattering picture of an anxiety-free Lauren making eye contact!

But today it was almost 70 degrees! (Gotta love mid-winter in Georgia.) So Craig, Lauren and I took a walk in our neighborhood. I brought the camera with plans to snap away the whole walk, knowing success is statistically proportionate to number of attempts. And that Lauren has been in a fabulous mood all day. (Okay, this may be an even better indicator of success in Lauren’s case!) So here we are. I didn’t get just one keeper, I got quite a few. Here are the many (happy) faces of Lauren at 20.


1. This is one of the first photos I got of Lauren where she is happy, and it’s representative of most of the happy pics we have of Lauren—no eye contact, but happy. But hey, like I don’t look at clouds, airplanes, and seek a glimpse of Heaven occasionally. I’m just not as self-confident as my daughter—ignoring the “Look at me!” pleas of a photographer to continue my reverie until its purpose is fulfilled. (Purpose to reverie? Absolutely.)


2. Okay, here are 2 as representations of the thousands of pics we have taken of Lauren over the years. You can tell she’s content and smiling, but . . . I’d like to see your eyes, Sweetie. Usually, we get nothing better than this . . . well, except on days where we (and Lauren) are very patient and perseverant. Like today! . . .


3. A little glance up that I read as, “What Mom? You’re funny. Why do you keep picking on me?” Then, after stopping for a moment to show her this great one and a few others on the camera . . . the payoff:


4. Priceless. I thought this was “it” for the picture I would post of Lauren at 20. Then . . .


5. There’s our smiley girl. And . . .


6. I kind of hate to end on this one, because it’s less flattering than the last two . . . unless you know Lauren. Then you know that this is the face Lauren makes when we’re amusing her and she’s trying to hold in giggles; and it’s the face she makes just seconds before an occasional belly laugh.

It was a great walk. Thanks for your cooperation, Lauren; and for giving us so many good ones so early for the 2012 album. May I actually catch that belly laugh shot over the coming year!

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