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Sunday, June 30, 2013

We’re Back! Post-renovation Update

Nine months have passed since my last blog post.  I intended no more than six months, but…that’s life with autism.  Our DIY (with the help of friends) home renovation began (as a kitchen renovation) with the removal of an upper kitchen cabinet on Memorial Day weekend 2012.  We officially declared the renovation “complete” on Memorial Day weekend 2013. The label “complete” was for the purpose of sanity.  There is quarter-round molding to be installed, a few paint touch-ups to be made, placement of electrical switches to be perfected.  (Craig’s ability to do this himself, and Lauren’s '”interest in” light switches, results in more migrating of switches in our home than in the average home.)  Our house is exactly 40 years old this year, so there are always problems to be addressed.  So like it was before the renovation, and ever shall be, there will never be a lack of home improvement projects to choose from each weekend.

The facts that deem the renovation “complete” are:
Our home is 100% livable.  We can cook any meal without lack of any appliance.  We can have guests over (even overnight) and there is space for everyone to be comfortable.  And I am happy with the home I have to present to the world.  I no longer think, “We can have so-and-so over after such-and-such is done.”
So now that you know “complete” is relative, onto the important question.

Did the renovation accomplish all that we hoped it would for Lauren’s world and our relationship with her?