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Friday, August 2, 2013

How a Non-Talking Paleo Girl Speaks Clearly

Craig called me to the kitchen, saying, “Lauren just told me something as clear as day.  Come here.”

I thought, ‘What?  Did she set her shoes by the door to the garage, start the Keurig, hand you your keys and pop into the bathroom?’  That’s how she clearly states she would like a car ride.  (Keurig on because Dad always brews himself a quick cup for the drive to keep himself awake.)

When I entered the kitchen, Craig waved his hand like Vanna, drawing my attention to…

8-1-2013 5 Empty shelf where pans are kept:


8-1-2013 2 




:3 pans on stovetop.

8-1-2013 1


2 packages of bacon (that were in the freezer last we knew) & a pair of scissors from the drawer:




“Could she say it any clearer?”

“LOTS OF BACON…”  (he says pointing to bacon packages)…

8-1-2013 3

COOK IT QUICKLY” he says pointing to the 3 pans.

8-1-2013 4

And that, my friends, is how a non-verbal girl gets her paleo on.  (Yes, we ate bacon for dinner that night.)

The next bacon purchase is going into the big freezer that’s behind a locked door.

(Lauren’s communication device is broken, and we’re working on getting it fixed.  It has a “talking” picture of bacon that she typically would press if she desired to have a conversation about bacon.  Yes, “a conversation about” bacon.  It’s not a “press to request” system, or the girl would press that button 3 times a day.) 

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